Frequently Asked Questions

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Is online shopping safe?

We treat your customer information as confidential and will not pass it on to third parties. We use a secure SSL connection to protect the connection between the online store and your computer. We safeguard the security of our online store by continuously developing and testing it.

How will I know my size?

You can find a link to our size chart on each product page. Additionally, we have a size recommendation tool to help you choose the correct clothing size for you. The tool uses the information you provide as well as our size chart and combining that information to what similar shoppers have bought, provides you recommendations that aim to be as accurate as possible. The tool is provided by Fit Analytics. The tool is based on cookies and in order for it to work you must accept the cookies we use. You do not need to use this optional tool to complete your purchase. Fit Analytics stores the information provided, such as body measures, in their system, and you can edit or delete the provided measures in the tool settings.

Can I combine two orders that I have placed?

We process each order individually and cannot combine them later.

Is it possible for an order to be canceled after I have received an order confirmation?

We aim to deliver all orders as confirmed but there is a very minor possibility of stocks running out if several orders are placed at the same time. This situation is highly unusual. If this happens, our customer service will contact the customer.

The product I added to my cart had expired by the time I proceeded to checkout. How can this happen?

The item is reserved for you only upon payment. Sometimes another customer may purchase the last item and proceed to checkout before you have done so.

I wish to change the delivery address for the order. What should I do?

You will receive either e-mail or text message with DHL tracking code and estimated delivery time soon after the package has left our warehouse. By clicking the link in the message you can choose best possible delivery option for you or you can change the delivery address within the same country.

How long does delivery take?

Our delivery time is currently 3–5 working days + shipping. During promotions, delivery times may be longer than usual.

Can I order products for a company, for example as business gifts?

You can order products for a company, for example by using the company's credit card as the means of payment. If you would prefer to place an order and receive an invoice, please contact our sales.

How will the recipient be informed of the delivery?

The recipient will be informed by the shipping provider. However, it is a good idea to inform the recipient of the upcoming delivery so they know to expect it.

A product in my order was broken when I received it. What should I do?

Send your order number and a photograph of the product that was broken in the delivery to us at and we will mail you a new product. If a similar product is no longer available, we will refund you in accordance with your payment method.

Can I cancel my order?

Once you have placed your order, it automatically proceeds to collection and delivery and can no longer be canceled. If you wish, you may return ordered items within 30 days. See details at Exhanges and Returns.

How can I return goods I have ordered?

See Exhanges and Returns.

Does the return policy apply to all products?

The right to return applies to items that are unused and intact, with all product labels and tags in place. The product must be in its original package. Cut-to-length fabric is a made-to-order product, so customers are not entitled to return it. There is also no return right for swimwear and underwear.

I would like to exchange the product I bought for another one – what should I do?

If you wish to exchange the product using the online store, you will have to return the original product as instructed and place a new order online.

Can I leave a package unclaimed if I wish to refuse it?

To speed up the return and refund process, we would prefer it if you took delivery of the products and then fill a cancellation note online.

The product I received is faulty or I noticed a defect when I used it. What should I do?

We apologize for the faulty product. In the event of a product defect, you can either contact a Marimekko store or send the product back to the online store. Make a note on the cancellation form that the return is due to a defect. If we can verify the product defect, we will refund the price. Please read more under Complaints.

Can I order online and pay by invoice?

Our online store does have the option to pay by invoice in Finland, Sweden, Germany and UK.

When I look up my order on the Klarna website, why is the status ‘deleted’?

The invoice is active on the customer’s Klarna account for two weeks. If the invoice is not activated within 14 days, the status will change into deleted until reactivated in connection with the delivery. If you have received your order but no invoice, please contact our customer service.

What is the width of Marimekko fabrics?

The fabrics are 145 to 150 cm wide.

What are fabrics sold by the repeat?

Some of our fabrics are sold by the repeat rather than by the meter. This means that the unit of measurement is the length of one entire repeated pattern. Read more at Buying Marimekko fabrics. Check the product page of the individual fabric to see whether it is sold by the meter or by the repeat.

Can Marimekko fabrics be used to make respiratory protective equipment?

For safety reasons, we do not recommend using our fabrics as respiratory protective equipment or other face mask products. Marimekko fabrics available for purchase are meant for interior design and they have not been manufactured or tested to be used as respiratory protective equipment or similar facial protection products.

Do I have to register to place orders online?

No. You may shop online without registering as a customer or signing in. Please note, however, that some of our benefits are only available to registered users.

Why didn’t I get a logo tote with my order?

Our logo totes are available during specified promotional periods. You may not have been logged in when making your order, and therefore the logo tote was not added to your shopping bag. Next time, please remember to log in on our website before your purchase.

I have registered as a Marimekko Village member. How can I update my contact details?

Once you have signed in on our website, you can change your password and update your contact details when logged in. In some countries, when you move, we will receive your new address automatically from the population register, unless you have chosen to prevent companies from accessing your details.

How do campaign codes work?

We offer code-based discounts from time to time. To activate the discount, log in on our website and enter the code into the designated field 'I have a promo code' before finalizing the payment.