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Terms and conditions of Marimekko Loyalty Program


Marimekko Corporation’s (referred to in these terms and conditions as “Marimekko”) loyalty program provides varying benefits to loyal customers. These terms and conditions are not intended to limit any legal rights of a person acting in the role of a consumer. The benefits to the members of the loyalty program are only available at Marimekko Corporation’s stores, factory outlets or on Marimekko on-line store www.marimekko.com. Retailer-owned Marimekko stores and multibrand retailers carrying Marimekko are not obligated to offer the same benefits.


To be eligible to participate in Marimekko’s loyalty program a customer shall be at least fifteen (15) years of age or older, or as required by applicable mandatory legislation. In order to participate in the loyalty program individuals must expressly accept and thereby be bound by these terms and conditions by signing up online at www.marimekko.com or in Marimekko stores.


The information about the collection and processing of personal data of the member of the Marimekko loyalty program can be found in the Privacy Statement.


Marimekko’s loyalty program membership is personal and only the member himself/ herself can make related purchases, unless otherwise separately communicated.


In order to serve members in the best possible way, members are recommended to inform Marimekko of any changes in his/her contact details aby updating the contact details by signing into the account on www.marimekko.com or sending an e-mail to customerservice@marimekko.com.


Marimekko reserves the right, without a separate notice, to terminate the loyalty program and alter or amend the terms and conditions of the loyalty program. Notification of changes to the terms and conditions will be informed by posting an updated version of the terms and conditions on Marimekko’s website.


Marimekko has the right to terminate the membership at any time if a member has breached the terms and conditions of Marimekko loyalty program. A member can resign from Marimekko loyalty program at any time without a notice period by e-mailing to customerservice@marimekko.com.

Newsletters can be unsubscribed by clicking the link in the email or signing in Marimekko account on marimekko.com and editing own account settings.

Marimekko updates its register of loyal customers by e-mail activations. If the member does not react to the activation, Marimekko withholds the right to end the membership and remove the member from its register.


Marimekko Corporation is the owner and administrator of the Marimekko Loyalty program, customerservice@marimekko.com, Telephone service +358 9 758 7260.


Unless otherwise required by applicable mandatory laws, Marimekko loyalty program is construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of Finland.

See Marimekko's Privacy Statement.