Marimekko’s beautiful glasses, pitchers, vases and candle holders are mouth blown into a mold. Being made by hand, they may contain occasional air bubbles and small streaks. 

Keep it cool 

The Sukat makkaralla (socks rolled down) glasses and pitchers are made for cool drinks – they cannot withstand boiling liquids. 

Marimekko Sukat Makkaralla pitcher


Our glasses are dishwasher-proof. After drinking milk beverages, we recommend rinsing the glasses with cold water before washing to avoid residue stains. Please position glasses loosely in the dishwasher to prevent them from scratching. Do not stack glasses while still warm as they then may stick together and break.

We do recommend washing pitchers by hand due to their shape and size. The Marimekko vases and candle holders should also be washed by hand. The metal top of the candle holder is removable.  

A cotton product may shrink in the first wash. After washing, reshape the item into its original size. Cotton is best ironed when slightly damp.