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Jenny & Cecilia Vaz

      Favorite Armi quote:
"There's no limits. Each one of us is her own creator."

Marimekko GrowthStories

We are Jenny & Cecilia VAZ and we're sisters, producers and songwriters. Together we run the record label Kinship Music and the music project Studio XX – a female studio where you get the opportunity to do everything a professional musician needs to do.

Marimekko GrowthStories

Cecilia: I found the courage to actualize my dreams of becoming a creative with hard work – never giving up, my intuition and trusting myself and my heart. 

Jenny: Our parents have been very supportive since we were kids. Teaching us to believe in ourselves. Never letting people telling you that you can't do. That it takes hard work, education and patience to get where you want to be in life.

Marimekko GrowthStories

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