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A garden party styled by Musla

Armi Ratia, the founder of Marimekko, was renowned – among other things – for the fabulous parties at her villa. Inspired by Armi's impeccable style, the Finnish Musla bloggers Enni Koistinen, Kirsikka Simberg and Mia Frilander organized a picnic party at Kirsikka's summer cottage.

Discover Musla's laid-back take on a garden party, with dresses from Marimekko's spring/summer 2019 collection and home décor items carrying Fujiwo Ishimoto's Onni (happiness) pattern and Maija Louekari's new Eläköön elämä (long live life) print.

"In case you don't have a garden of your own, whimsical floral prints are a brilliant way to bring an abundant feel to balconies, courtyards and festive table settings. When it comes to party attire, we chose dresses from Marimekko's spring/summer collection, charmed by the liberating pieces that are perfect for hanging around, enjoying the party, and dancing." – Musla

Musla's tip for the host

A relaxed host is the best host. You don't have to have everything ready by the time your guests arrive. It's a good idea to have a little something to do also for the guests.

Musla's tip for the guests

A practical – and edible – gift is a thoughtful gesture. A bottle of a home-made smoothie found from the fridge in the morning would be a delight for the host.

Founded by Kirsikka Simberg in 2012, Musla is an independent web publication and media.

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