The Art of printmaking

Around one million meters of fabric are printed in the Marimekko printing mill every year.
Marimekko is a Finnish design house founded in 1951. For seventy years, the unmistakable Marimekko prints have been worn as bold badges of positivity and personal empowerment. Our lifelong mission is to bring color and joy into lives and homes everywhere and encourage people to be happy as they are. Striped, checked, and floral prints in bold colors make up a rich artistic legacy. Over the years, our designers have created some 3,500 print designs, which have graced everything from dresses and bags to ceramics, fabrics, and more. Proving their timeless appeal, the iconic prints have been reborn time and again in thousands of imaginative color palettes. And each year, new pieces of printed artworks are introduced to an ever-evolving collection.
It all started with a dress

It all started with a dress

When founding Marimekko in the early nineteen fifties, Armi Ratia created one of the world’s first lifestyle brands. She had a remarkable ability to capture the spirit of her time, presenting the world with her much-welcomed vision for optimism and personal joy.  The journey began with a simple dress in captivating prints. A bold and carefree celebration of individuality, the dress became an instant classic. Over the years, the Marimekko dress has remained an empowering uniform for independent women everywhere, always current yet true to its original concept.

Far more than a fashion statement, the philosophy behind the Marimekko dress sparked an entire lifestyle universe. Since the beginning, home products and accessories have also carried the world-famous prints and positive message.

The Founder of Marimekko
Armi Ratia
Armi Ratia fostered an exceptional culture of creative freedom for Marimekko’s roster of talented, mostly female artist that still thrives today.
Founder, entrepreneur & creative visionary, Armi Ratia (1912-1979)

Printed in Helsinki

Marimekko’s Helsinki printing factory is a bustling, free-spirited playground of creativity. And it is where the celebrated Marimekko prints come to life. The factory is the heart and soul of the brand – even the headquarters were built around it.