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Eco-conscious coats for everyday expeditions with Caroline Bille Brahe

Marimekko coats

The perfect winter coat is your sartorial armor to carry you through the colder months ahead – and sometimes the only thing to persuade you to leave the house.

The right winter coat is the most important investment of the season but finding a coat that is functional, warm, long-lasting, and elegant can often be a true sartorial challenge. We listed style secrets for finding ‘the one’ with the help of Caroline Bille Brahe, Nordic muse, model, and a mum known for her down-to-earth style and conscious urban lifestyle.

Marimekko coats
Marimekko coats

"We all just need a bit of common sense when buying new things. "

– Caroline Bille Brahe

Style secret 1: Versatility

Style secret 1: Versatility

When choosing a coat, it is important to me that it could be worn in multiple ways, in as many different contexts and events as possible. I try to be a conscious shopper and carefully consider each garment and how well it plays with other things in my closet. I don’t want to own ten different coats for different occasions when one good is enough. My top tip for making better choices is to put time and effort into finding the perfect coat and only investing in that, instead of four. We all just need a bit of common sense when buying new things.    
Style secret 2: Sustainability
For me, it is important that we all do our part to live more sustainably; especially fashion brands that produce four collections per year. Living a busy life with two kids, I appreciate that the sustainable choices are made easy for me. I mainly buy secondhand clothes for my kids and myself, and my husband and I bike everywhere as we don't own a car.
Marimekko coats

Style secret 3: Functionality

My daughter goes to a forest kindergarten outside of Copenhagen and my husband and I bike back and forth every day. Therefore, the most important factor when choosing a winter coat is warmth. I especially fell in love with the black Matkalla coat because it's long, black and chic – and, above all, it gives me freedom to ride my bike (thanks to the two-way zip). I can't wait to see where this favorite ‘duvet’ of mine will empower me to go.

The eco-conscious coats for everyday expeditions

At Marimekko, we believe that the products of tomorrow leave no trace. Timeless and sustainable products are made in balance with the environment, and in line with the principles of the circular economy. 

This fall, we introduce a capsule collection of responsibly produced, functional and stylish puffer coats utilizing the latest innovations for supreme comfort. Featuring outer shells and linings made of 100% recycled polyester, wadding partly made of a renewable plant-based raw material, and responsibly collected down and feather, these coats are a great addition to your winter rotation.

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