Marimekko Pre-Spring 2021

The art of printmaking collection

Let’s celebrate Marimekko’s artistic heritage with a future-oriented attitude. Our easy-to-wear pieces bring joy with their beautiful shapes and bold prints in the season’s shades. Maija Isola's 1964 Seireeni (siren) and Annika Rimala's 1967 Keidas (oasis) prints are paid homage by Antti Kekki's new Kiila (wedge) and Kornetti (cornet) prints. Maija's 1964 Unikko (poppy) and 1968 Taifuuni (typhoon) prints are accompanied by Antti’s new Liito (glide) and Lauha (mild weather) prints.

Large-scale patterns on simple shapes

Express yourself with enduring design. Nodding to the original idea of Marimekko, our simple silhouettes act as canvases for our abstract, large-scale patterns. The Kantakulma trench coat in the tone-to-tone Seireeni pattern is made of lightly water repellent cotton. The Nelitahokas dress features the mesmerizing Kornetti pattern.

Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing
Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing

All about architectural femininity

Find the fresh appeal of archival silhouettes.

Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing

The flowy Keho dress in the rhythmic Keidas print charms in a beautiful combination of beige, black and pops of bright green. This dress design pays tribute to the architectural femininity of the beloved 1960s Monrepos dress.

Also inspired by our archives, the Nelikulmio dress in the graphic Kiila print features a fun, square-shaped cape detail.

Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing

Dash of lemon

Treat yourself to the timely tones of the season.

Marimekko bagsMarimekko bags

The much-loved Milli Matkuri bag now brings joy in zingy lemon yellow, as well as in elegant beige.

  1. Forever yours
    marimekko Ilsa bag black
    marimekko Ilsa bag black 2
    3 400,00 SEK

We're also delighted to announce a newcomer to our timeless leather bag collection – meet the clean-lined, short-strap Iisa.

Marimekko bagsMarimekko bags

Setting the tone of the season

Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing

Set the tone of the season with stand-out style. The Taifuuni print belonged originally to a series of patterns based on photographs depicting parts of the human body. The starting point for the pattern was the curve of the shoulder – the model for the photographs was Maija Isola’s daughter.

Exuding a relaxed, timeless feel, the new Lauha pattern took its inspiration from springtime sights: warm air rising in waves against the window outside, or a gentle spring rain appearing on the horizon.

Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing

Bold florals and effortless dresses

Marimekko Liito dressMarimekko Liito dress

Embrace bold florals and effortless dresses. Composed of flower and seed shapes torn from paper, the new Liito pattern was inspired by Marimekko’s characteristic large floral prints – like Unikko. The seeds represent the growth of bold Marimekko flowers in the years to come.

The warmest staples

Welcome new beginnings with the season’s warmest staples that carry Maija Isola’s iconic designs Lokki (seagull) and Unikko. These comfy pieces are made of an alpaca wool blend and merino wool.

Marimekko fashionMarimekko fashion
Marimekko Unikko knitMarimekko Unikko knit