Marimekko Pre-Spring 2022
What’s your archetype?

Modular thinking is part of Marimekko’s profound take on responsible and timeless design. It builds on a more sustainable wardrobe that consists of timeless pieces cumulating from collection to collection. Our new structural system presents three different archetype silhouettes that you can obtain in three different volumes – meaning countless creative ways for combining and layering.

Recognizing the different silhouettes that best compliment your figure and personality is a quintessential part of building a signature style. This spring, we proudly introduce the new Marimekko archetype silhouettes that will make the getting dressed game feel like a breeze.

The three new archetypes are modernized versions of the iconic Marimekko dress shapes we’ve been presenting through the decades – the reason our empowering, beautifully airy dresses have become so loved around the world.

Marimekko Jokeri Papajo

Archetype 1 –

The easiest and most classic archetype silhouette descends from the famous Marimekko dress shape that Jackie Kennedy favored in the 1960s. This universally flattering silhouette compliments all body types and provides a great canvas for the big and bold Marimekko prints. An A-line silhouette has a fitted bodice on the shoulders, and it flares out to create the shape of the letter A without a well-defined waistline.

Explore archetype 1: A-line

Archetype 2 –

This simple, classic, and minimalist archetype silhouette will give you a polished look in a flash. A sleek, straight cut creates an instantly elegant appeal and loosely skims your silhouette. When featured in a top or a blouse, the straight silhouette is easy to pair with numerous pieces from the Marimekko wardrobe for a timeless look. The straight archetype provides a great canvas especially for our more graphic and geometric prints. ​​

Explore archetype 2: Straight

Archetype 3 –
Fit & flare

The most artistic shape of them all, the fit & flare archetype silhouette is featured with a gathered and typically cinched-in, well-defined feminine waistline. When featured in tops, the silhouette resembles a peplum shape and has a well-defined waistline with a flared hem. The fit & flare archetype silhouette is a statement addition to any wardrobe, providing a great canvas for Marimekko prints of all sizes and shapes. ​

Explore archetype 3: Fit & flare

How to build a signature style?
Get inspired by our friend Stephanie Broek playing with the new Marimekko silhouettes.
New season, new era
Discover your signature style – a system of creative play. Easy, imaginative, functional.

A word from Rebekka

The new era of Marimekko is led by Creative Director Rebekka Bay. Learn more about the philosophy behind Marimekko’s updated design language.