It’s easy to care for your clothes while reducing your climate impact. These tips will even save you money along the way.

Smart care

Look for the Clevercare™ label on your Marimekko product, which gives you specific instructions. On, you can find even more smart ways to care for your products.

Wash less

Try not to wash your clothes too often. This will extend the life of your items and reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a win/win! When you can, remove stains by hand and air your clothes after each use.

Drop the temperature
      Modern detergents and washing machines clean your laundry just as well at lower temperatures, which saves energy. But keep in mind, if a label reads “follow the recommended washing temperature,” this means the article may be damaged if washed at a lower temperature.

Easy on the soap

Use the recommended amount of detergent. A higher dosage doesn’t equal cleaner. More important is using the right type of detergent for your fabric. We don’t recommend fabric softeners, which should be avoided entirely with some garments.

Let's take it outside

To minimize creasing, remove your clothes from the washing machine as soon as the cycle has finished. Hang dry when possible. This saves energy, lowers your electricity bill, and helps to retain the shape of your clothes for longer.