Down is a light and durable insulator. With the right care, the airy natural material will retain its good qualities for a long time. At Marimekko, we only use down that meets the Responsible Down Standard. To best take care of your particular garment, always check the care label for exact instructions.


Wash your down garments inside-out, selecting a delicate program with plenty of water. Make sure to use the right type and amount of detergent. We don’t recommend using a fabric softener.


After washing, down products should be tumble dried at a low temperature. Keep in mind that this will take several hours. To help disperse the down as evenly as possible, fluff your garment halfway through the drying cycle or consider using dryer balls.

Always dry your down items properly before storing them. For short-term storage, we recommend hanging your garments on a sturdy hanger in an airy space. For off-season storage, keep your down items flat, for example, in a box.

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