Marimekko fabrics are printed in Helsinki, Finland, using either the flatbed or rotary printing methods. Please note that the fabric reports can deviate from the stated +/- 3% and the changes in size are dependent on the quality of the fabric. Our fabrics are 145 to 150 cm wide. 

About fabric reports    

When printing large-scale patterns with the flatbed printing method, a so called ‘report line’ is left on the ends of the design. The report line shows in various ways, depending on the colors and pattern of the fabric.

This is what gives the fabric its unique look – the report line is not a flaw, but characteristic of the printing method, and can also be used as an effect.  

Marimekon Unikko -puuvillakangas


We recommend a washing temperature of 60 degrees Celsius for almost all of our printed fabrics. For our coated fabrics and pigment-printed fabrics, select a delicate program and a washing temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Always check the washing instructions for each material.

For an ideal outcome, we recommend washing about five meters of fabric in a washing machine with a capacity of 6–7 kilos.  

Most Marimekko fabrics that are printed in Helsinki have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. It certifies that the materials in question have been tested by an independent third party and are free from harmful substances (according to the standard’s criteria). Our bed linens, terry cloth products, and most clothing fabrics and knits also carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. 
Marimekon Lokki -puuvillakangas


Batiste fabric, with its fine cotton thread and plain weave, is ideal for curtains thanks to its light weight and transparency. 

Marimekon Tiiliskivi -paksu puuvillakangas

Coated fabrics 

Our coated cotton fabrics have either a phthalate-free PVC or acrylic coating. We recommend washing coated cotton fabrics with plenty of water and ironing on the reverse side. 

Our home selection offers cotton and heavyweight cotton, both with a plain weave. An optimal choice for curtains, tablecloths and cushion covers, and for clothing, too.  
Marimekon Kaivo -puuvillakangas


Breathable and strong by its nature, linen is an ideal material for home decor as well as for clothing. Please keep in mind that this fabric wrinkles easily. 

Marimekon Isot Kivet Cotton -puuvillakangas


Cotton sateen is known for its smooth surface and beautiful sheen that is achieved with a special weave structure. The sheen is best preserved by ironing the fabric after washing.