Leftover fabrics

Super surplus

Waste reduction is crucial, but can it even be creative? Upcycling is the creative process of transforming by-products or leftover materials into brand new products. And the upsides to upcycling? Less waste, creative fun, and highly unique outcomes.

One-of-a-kind color blends
Typically, a Marimekko fabric is printed with carefully mixed dyes to achieve the exact color hue needed for its particular design. But sometimes, the imperfectness or uniqueness can be the very things that make a product interesting. For the Marimekko Spring/Summer 2021 home collection, a range of fabrics, cushion covers, and textiles were printed with so-called responsible color. The dyes are mixed from leftover inks resulting in a dark color. But since no two blends are the same, the shade will vary with each new batch, resulting in unique print results.

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