Marimekko’s cozy home collection features terry towels, bathrobes and slippers. Most of our terry items are manufactured by weaving, and their surface is made up of loops. 

About runs and loops 

It is typical of woven terry items to form runs or elongated loops, when a loop gets caught on something sharp or rough causing the threads to move in the fabric. If this happens, avoid pulling the loop longer: instead you can cut it short without the fabric coming undone. 

Marimekko Räsymatto towel


Please wash your terry items before using them for the first time. These products are best washed in a full washing machine with similar colors and at the correct temperature. We recommend using detergents meant for colored laundry and without whiteners or optical brighteners.  

A cotton product may shrink in the first wash. After washing, reshape the item into its original size. Cotton is best ironed when slightly damp.