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Renewable biogas to Marimekko's fabric printing mill in Helsinki

4 December 2015

At Marimekko we have taken many steps to mitigate climate change. We source renewable electricity, we constantly strive to improve energy efficiency in our operations, and we are committed to halve the carbon dioxide emissions from our own operations by 2020.

Just before the Paris COP21 climate conference we decided to make a shift from natural gas to Finnish, environmentally friendly biogas made with renewable raw materials in our own printing mill in Helsinki.

With biogas, the carbon dioxide emissions from our printing mill in Helsinki will be reduced by over 700 tonnes per year, which equals to the emissions from around 300 cars. Our aim is to create value through our operations for Marimekko's friends now and in the future. At the same time we have an obligation to do everything we possibly can for a more sustainable future.

Biogas used is produced in Finland from bio waste from farming, food processing industry, grocery stores and households which makes it truly local closed-loop energy.

You can find more information about the biogas offered by our partner Gasum here.

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