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Printed in Helsinki

The heart and soul of Marimekko's print design is our own textile printing factory in Helsinki where the bold prints and colours come to life. Around one million metres of fabric are printed at the factory every year.

The printing factory has a crucial role in Marimekko's design process. Located at Marimekko's headquarters, it allows designers to work closely with the craftsmen who realise the prints onto fabric one step at a time. Doing things together results in creativity, innovation and originality. We believe that being a pioneer in print design goes hand-in-hand with in-house production.

For example, all of Marimekko's fabrics sold by meter are printed in Helsinki. Also the prints used in cosmetics bags and some printed bags are created there.

"Our own fabric printing factory in Helsinki is the heart and soul of Marimekko's print design. The fact that designing and printing is done under the same roof has a remarkable significance from the perspective of smooth operations and being a pioneer in print design. We are proud of our print design expertise and that we are able to continue the print design tradition in Finland."

Minna Kemell Kutvonen, Marimekko's Design & Product Development Director of Home Products and Prints.

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