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In-house printing factory in Helsinki

Our own printing factory in Helsinki is the heart and soul of our pattern design. About a million metres of fabric are printed there every year: all Marimekko kitchen textiles and fabrics sold by the metre, for example, as well as part of the fabrics used for clothing and bags.

Caring for the environment

Taking care of the environment is one of the basic pillars of our operations. The main environmental aspects of our own operations are related to our fabric printing factory in Helsinki. Our aim is to continuously reduce our environmental impacts and improve resource efficiency. Our efforts are focused on energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources, minimising water consumption, reduction of emissions, recycling, and reutilising waste. From 2016, we have used biogas instead of natural gas at our fabric printing factory, which significantly reduces our carbon dioxide emissions. The electricity we purchase is generated with wind power.

Read more about our in-house printing factory.

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