Black Friday

Buying is a choice. Make it a good one.

Clean up 200 pieces of trash from our environment with your purchase of $100+

This Black Friday, we are partnering with Take 3 and our Marimekko community to make a positive impact on our environment. Starting Wednesday, November 24th through Friday, November 26th, for each purchase you make of $100 or more, Marimekko will cover the cost of removing 200 pieces of trash from our environment. ​

Established in 2009, Take 3 educates and inspires action on litter​reduction. They have won a range of awards for their work in education,​ community and business engagement – driving action, solutions and​  outcomes on litter and especially plastic reduction.

The most sustainable garment is the most long-lasting one. Every Marimekko piece is born out of an ambitious goal to bring joy for generations to come. The Jokapoika (every boy) shirt is a true epitome of timeless design, having been in continuous production since 1956.