pre-spring ’23

Retro Futurism

Marimekko is all about bringing joy to people’s everyday lives with timeless design. In our pre-spring ’23 collection, archival patterns meet invigorating shades and 1960s space-age and retro sport references. These superheroines exude pure positivity.

Fresh proportions meet a multitude of stripes. The key is combinability in timeless prints, forms, and tones.
A bold Maija Isola print created in 1966, Meduusa (jellyfish) was inspired by the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea.


It’s in the details

Ready to take in the new-season freshness? Updated to the 2020s, the collection’s 1960s fashion cues are seen in futuristic shapes, the mini length, and super­-wide trouser styles. The retro sport influences can be seen in material choices, utilitarian pockets, drawstrings, zippers, and metallic snap buttons.

Pre-spring ’23 brings us subtle monochromatism, here in the sunny yellow 1964 Unikko pattern.
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Stripes have always been essential to the world of Marimekko patterns. The 1982 Maalis (March) pattern an interpretation of an even, medium-sized, vertical stripe.
This season’s knitwear pieces feature certified, responsible wool. Fancy a touch of powdery pink in your spring attire?
No strangers to playfulness and statement style, the pre-spring bags combine beautifully with the season’s color scheme.

Eyes on the archetypes

Marimekko’s take on a modular style builds on a wardrobe that consists of timeless pieces from many different collections. All our collections are built on three archetype silhouettes. This season, the focus is on the A-line and straight shapes. Read more about the Marimekko archetypes in our Journal.

Add a little spring to your step with yummy orange. The 1966 Rentukka (kingcup) is a graphic floral pattern with a stylized form.
The bigger the better – our much-loved leather bag staple Karla is now available grander than ever!