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Chloe Hill

Empowered By Style

In 2019, Zanita Whittington will take us on a journey around the world to meet creatives who are bold by nature.

Meet Chloe Hill - a New Zealand-born stylist and publisher living between Wellington and Sydney, Australia. Zanita met with Chloe to discover what being bold means to her.

The film was shot in Paddington and at Clovelly Beach, 

Chloe's favorite spots in Sydney.

Chloe is the founder of the editorial platform Cool Pretty Cool, a site all about fresh faces and fashion. Marimekko's creative community shares her easy-going approach to style: putting together an outfit is a form of self-expression that brings joy to everyday life.

"I always get smiles on the streets whenever I'm in my colours and prints."

- Chloe Hill

Matkue Kaksi Dress, Coming Soon!

Join the journey - #boldbynature

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