A Timeless and Sustainable Choice

Marimekko's design philosophy and operataions has never been based off disposable fashion - instead, timeless design, quality materials, and experiened craftsmanship. These come together to form the core of our design and sustainability philosophy. From materials to logistics and everything inbetween, we’ve raised our sustainability goals to a new, distinctively more ambitious level. With much more to come, enjoy our most recent products made of 100% recycled polyester and over 30% more sustainable materails.

Sustainable Choice Products

We concider all of our products to be a sustainable choice, as they are designed to be timeless - our ambition is that a Marimekko product is never thrown away but passed on from one user to the next and finally, recycled into new materials and products. However, a sustainable choice means much more, one being materials - all of our products made with over 30% more sustainable materials are now labled with the tag Sustinable Choice.

Our factory produces about a million meters of fabric every year and operates with biogas and renewable electricity.

Why Recycled Polyester products?

Recycled polyester is made of consumer plastic waste like plastic bottles. It is obtained by melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber. Five soda bottles yields enough polyester fiber for one extra large t-shirt.

Using recycled polyester prevents plastic from ending up as waste in the environment or landfills.

Manufacturing recycled polyester consumes less energy when compared to virgin polyeser. Using recycled polyester saves energy when compared to virgin polyester.

Using recycled polyester reduces dependence on petroleum as raw material.

98% of product purchases from non-EU countries were covered by audits according to amfori BSCI or other social responsibility systems.

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