Marimekko Home Spring 2021

The Art of Printmaking Collection

Marimekko home collectionMarimekko home collection

Our home collection for spring 2021 is an invitation to celebrate seven decades of Marimekko’s original prints and colors. The color scheme of the season was inspired by the interplay of lights and shadows typical of Nordic winter landscapes.

The new home collection brings you clean lines and classic patterns such as Armi Ratia’s 1952 Tiiliskivi (brick), and Maija Isola’s 1961 Lokki (seagull) and 1964 Unikko (poppy). Earthy tones and bright pops of color bring with them the promise of spring light and the new season of growth.

The simple beauty of everyday life

Refresh your decor with a graphic pattern from our early years. In celebration of our founder's visionary spirit, Armi Ratia's Tiiliskivi print adorns this season's homeware. The Oiva (superb) tableware pieces carry a delicate Tiiliskivi relief. The iconic design is also seen in our new, color-blocked home textiles.

Marimekko home collectionMarimekko home collection
Marimekko home collectionMarimekko home collection

An adorable newcomer

Get ready to fall head-over-heels in love with Umpu, a new, middle-sized vase by Carina Seth Andersson. 

Marimekko home collectionMarimekko home collection

This beautiful, mouth-blown object enthrals in an amber tint and in clear glass.

Snow white and soft beige

Bring the new season into your home with well-thought-out details. Maija Isola’s iconic Lokki and Unikko prints belong to our new collection in an exquisite palette of snow white and soft beige, contrasted by vibrant black-and-white.

Marimekko Unikko plateMarimekko Unikko plate
Marimekko Unikko tablewareMarimekko Unikko tableware

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