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Strong Women of Marimekko

Take a peek at the day-to-day work at Marimekko and meet two strong women from Marimekko's creative community as they lead their own growth story: Design Manager Emmakaisa Kirves and Ready-To-Wear Designer Riikka Buri. 

Watch as they discuss their personal growth, design process and experience working as part of the creative community.

Emmakaisa has worked for Marimekko since 2011. She has a comprehensive outlook on design: how the collections are structured, how the chosen theme is expressed, and in what way the colors, patterns and materials interact together.
Her style is bold and functional - and not too serious. Emmakaisa draws inspiration from everything around her: new ideas may emerge from the Marimekko archives, interesting exhibitions or nature.

"I'm empowered by my loved ones and the little joys of everyday life." Emmakaisa Kirves

Riikka has worked for Marimekko since 2010. She is fascinated by the contrast of feminine, playful and sporty shapes. It's her passion to combine the iconic Marimekko patterns with contemporary design in a recognizable way.
Riikka's style is manifested through a surprising interplay between shapes, patterns and quirky details. Riikka gets a new spark for her work from all things new and unexplored.

"My empowerment comes from bold new thinking that fuels creativity and change." Riikka Buri

Emmakaisa Kirves and Riikka Buri

Emmakaisa Kirves and Riikka Buri

At Marimekko, the design process always begins with prints. In the video, Emmakaisa is wearing the Saarni Piccolo coat dress and the Vaahtera Solid dress. Riikka is wearing the Paju Jokeri and the Sembra Piccolo dresses from the Marimekko Fall 2018 collection.

Design: Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi, 1953
Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi created Piccolo the very year she joined Marimekko. Piccolo's striped pattern is painted with vivid brushstrokes. Piccolo belongs to Marimekko's timeless classics.

Design: Annika Rimala, 1967
The non-figurative Jokeri (joker) dates back to the time when influences from contemporary youth culture were perhaps most strongly evident in Annika Rimala's rhythmic patterns. Being up-to-date is still today one of Marimekko's key attributes.

Marimekko's new collection is yet again a result of its creative community working closely together and inspiring each other's growth.

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