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Fabric guide

The Fabric Guide

Ordering fabrics online

Marimekko's fabric collection includes various classic and seasonal prints, and materials like cotton, coated cotton, sateen, linen and batiste.
You can order fabrics from our online store just like any other products. Choose the fabric you like, its color and length in yards or number of repeats, and add it to your shopping cart. Your cart will show you the final price and quantity of the fabric

Check the product page of the fabric to see whether it is sold by the yard or by the repeat. Fabrics with large patterns are generally sold by the repeat, and those with small patterns are sold by the yard.

The amount of fabric you order will arrive in one continuous length. Please note that the maximum continuous length you can order is 16 yards. Coated fabrics are delivered rolled around a cardboard tube, ensuring that the fabric stays neat during transport. In the order packing process, coated fabric rolls are handled as individual parcels.

Please note that fabrics are cut-to-order products, which makes them non-returnable.

About our fabrics

Our fabrics are 58 inches wide, including selvage. The length of the pattern repeat is mentioned in the product details of the fabric. Repeats are within +/– 3% of what is specified.

The tone of our fabrics may vary between different printing batches. There may be slight differences in the color tone of the picture on the product page and the actual fabric. Fabric swatches are not available.

Marimekko fabrics are printed using either a flatbed or rotary printing method. Printing large-print fabrics using the flatbed method leaves a repeat line at the edge of the pattern, and the prominence of this line depends on the fabric’s color and pattern. The repeat line is not a flaw but a feature of the printing technique that can also be used as an effect.

The majority of fabrics printed at the Marimekko printing facility in Herttoniemi are certified according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKOTEX®. The certificate guarantees that the fabrics are free of harmful chemicals. Our coated cotton has earlier been coated with phthalate-free PVC, and since 2019, this has been replaced by acrylic coating.

How to calculate yardage

When calculating the amount of fabric needed, be sure to account for the additional yardage required for hems and aligning the print.

For aligning the pattern, use the repeat measurement (listed on the product page for each fabric) as a guide. Please also take potential shrinking into account when planning your sewing (cotton, sateen, and batiste: 4%; linen: 6%).


Can Marimekko fabrics be used to make products for sale?
Marimekko’s patterns are well known in Finland and globally, and they are protected by intellectual property rights. The protection also covers the related reputation. That is why we do not allow commercial use of our fabrics, which means the manufacture of products for commercial purposes. Commercial purposes refer to business operations aimed at gaining financial benefit. Of course, you can make crafts and products for yourself or as gifts.

Can Marimekko fabrics be used to make respiratory protective equipment?
For safety reasons, we do not recommend using our fabrics as respiratory protective equipment or other face mask products. Marimekko fabrics available for purchase are meant for interior design and have not been manufactured or tested for use as respiratory protective equipment or similar facial protection products.

Can Marimekko fabrics or patterns be used to make craft instructions?
Since Marimekko’s patterns are protected by intellectual property rights, we do not allow the manufacture or distribution of craft instructions that contain an image of Marimekko’s fabric or pattern. Such an instruction may be, for example, a knitting instruction advising how to make a sweater from Marimekko’s pattern or an instruction on how to make a keychain with an image using Marimekko’s fabric. Of course, photos of crafts made for yourself or as a gift can be shared as inspiration to others.

Buying fabric for a cushion cover

1. Decide the size of the cushion you want to have.

Examples of common sizes are 20" x 20" and 26" x 26". If you are making a new cover for an old cushion, measure your cushion.

2. How much fabric do I need?

A - If the cushion width is 26" or less: height + 4" for seam allowance = what you should order per cushion.

For example: 20" x 20"cushion – buy no less than 0.66 yards of fabric per cushion (20" + 4").

B - If the cushion is wider than 26": width + height + 4"for seam allowance = what you should order per cushion.

For example: 28" x 28" cushion – buy no less than 1.66 yards of fabric (28" + 28" + 4").

Please note that the width of our fabrics is 54"-56"and fabric is sold in increments of 1 yard or 1 repeat online. Please contact a store for purchases of less than 1 yard.

Buying fabric for a tablecloth

1. Measure your table.

Measure the table and decide how much you want the fabric to hang over the edge of the table (a drop length of approximately 6"- 12" per side is normally recommended).

2. How much fabric do I need?

Table length + drop length (total) + 6" for hemming = what you should order.

For example: 7 ft long table - buy no less than 3 yards of fabric (54"+ 6"+ 6"+ 6").

Please note: The width of our fabric is 54"-56"and fabric is sold in increments of 1 yard or 1 repeat online. Please contact a store for purchases of less than 1 yard.

Buying fabric for a curtain

1. Select type of curtain and measure.

A – Valence

B – Window sill-length curtain

C – Floor-length curtain

2. Decide how you want to hang your curtain.

Clips or hooksAmount of extra fabric needed for hemming: 10".

Rod pocketAmount of extra fabric needed for hemming: 12".

3. How much fabric do you need per curtain?

Curtain length measured from the top of the curtain rod to the bottom of the curtain +10"/12" for hemming = what you should order. Round your measurement up to the nearest yard.

For example: 95" long rod-pocket curtain - buy no less than 3 yards of fabric per curtain panel (95" + 12")

It is important to take into consideration the repeat of a pattern when calculating yardage for curtains, especially if you would like the pattern to line up on each curtain panel.

If there is a repeat of 24.4", divide the total length of the curtain by the repeat length and round up. Multiply the number of repeats by the length of the repeat for total length.

For example: 95" long rod pocket curtain - 3.4 yards of fabric is needed for each curtain panel, 5 repeats. 

(95" + 12"= 107"; 107" ÷ 24.2" = 4.3 repeats)

Please note: The width of our fabric is 54"-56"and fabric is sold in increments of 1 yard or 1 repeat online. Please contact a store for purchases of less than 1 yard.

1 = 36 in = $58.00
My size is not available – join the waitlist

This printed fabric is cut by the yard, not by the repeat; therefore, its appearance may vary slightly. We recommend purchasing more than 1 yard to allow for a full repeat.

Dream. Share. Inspire. Play. Live.
Creativity is at the heart of all Marimekko's fabrics. Made with 100% cotton, this fabric is durable and easy to clean. Use it to create pillows, clothes, sheets, curtains, or whatever your heart can imagine.

Please order carefully. Cut fabric cannot be returned.

Size & fit
Materials & care
Story of the print


Maija Isola got the idea for the Kaivo (well) pattern when she was fetching water from a well. Having dropped the bucket into the well, she watched how rippling circles formed on the surface of the water.

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