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Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

1. Marimekko Corporation (referred to in these terms and conditions as “Marimekko”) loyalty program provides varying benefits to loyal customers. These terms and conditions are not intended to limit any legal rights of a person acting in the role of a consumer. The benefits to the members of the loyalty program are only available at Marimekko Corporation’s stores and factory outlets. Retailer-owned Marimekko stores and multibrand retailers carrying Marimekko are not obligated to offer the same benefits.

2. To be eligible to participate in Marimekko’s loyalty program a customer shall be at least fifteen (15) years of age or older or as required by applicable mandatory legislation. In order to participate in the loyalty program individuals must expressly accept and thereby be bound by these terms and conditions by either completing, signing and returning the membership application form in one of Marimekko’s shops or by signing up online at . Marimekko has the right, at its sole discretion, to reject a membership application. If the applicant has not yet reached the age of 15, or such other age as may be required by applicable mandatory legislation, and wants to join the program, Marimekko requires an approval from a parent. The loyalty program is intended only for the member’s personal usage. The membership is free of charge. 

3. By signing-up to Marimekko’s loyalty program, you consent to Marimekko’s collection of your personal information for the purpose of the program. The member’s personal data processed/collected as a part of the Marimekko loyalty program will be stored in the Marimekko’s loyal customer - personal data file. By participating in the loyalty program the applicant accepts that his/her personal data will be processed as defined in the description of file. The description of data file is available in the Marimekko Corporation’s stores and on the following website: .

4. Marimekko’s loyalty program membership is personal and only the member himself/herself can make related purchases, unless otherwise separately communicated. 

5. In order to serve members in the best possible way, members must inform Marimekko about any changes in his/her contact details at Marimekko store or by emailing at: usa.customerservice@marimekko.com.  Members may access their personal data by emailing to the following address: .

6. Marimekko reserves the right, without a separate notice, to terminate the loyalty program and alter or amend the terms and conditions of the loyalty program. Notification of changes to the

terms and conditions will be sent to the member personally or by posting an updated version of the terms and conditions on Marimekko’s website one month before the changes become effective.

7. Marimekko has the right to terminate the membership at any time if a member has breached the terms and conditions of Marimekko loyalty program. A member can resign from Marimekko loyalty program at any time without a notice period by emailing at or by posting (mailing) a resignation notice to Marimekko Oyj, Loyal customer service, Puusepänkatu 4, 00880 Helsinki, Finland.

8. The promoter and controller of Marimekko’s loyalty program is Marimekko Corporation, Loyalty program, Puusepänkatu 4, 00880 Helsinki, Finland, tel: +358 9 758 7272, e-mail: .

9. Unless otherwise required by applicable mandatory laws, Marimekko loyalty program is construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of Finland.


Loyalty Program Description of File

Description of Data File Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §


1. Data Controller

Marimekko Oyj 
Puusepänkatu 4
00880 Helsinki FINLAND
Phone: +358-9-758 71 


2. The person in charge of matters relating to the register and/or contact person 

Hanna Kauste


3. Name of the register 

Marimekko’s loyal customer register 


4. Group of data subjects

Persons signed-up for the Marimekko loyal customer system


5. The purpose of processing personal data

Personal data stored in the register is used for managing the relationships with loyal customers and for managing, developing and analyzing the Data Controller’s customer service and other operations as well as to direct marketing at special customer groups. Personal data collected may be used for marketing purposes pursuant to applicable laws, such as the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999) and the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications (516/2004).


6. Content of the register

Information included in the following data groups may be processed in the register:

Basic data, such as: Name; date of birth; gender; e-mail addresses; telephone numbers; mailing addresses; profession and household size.

Information related to the customer or co-operation relationship: Identification data related to the use of Marimekko’s services (loyal customer number); date of becoming a loyal customer; as well as direct marketing permissions and prohibitions.

Data related to offers and purchases as well as other communication, such as: Benefits, services and campaigns directed at and offered to the data subject and the use thereof; other communication and measures related to the customer or co-operation relationship as well as purchases made in Marimekko’s stores, dates of the purchases and products purchased (number and price of the products purchased and the total sum of purchases).


7. Regular sources of information

Most of the information is collected from the data subjects themselves at the beginning of and during the customer or co-operation relationship. Updates to the personal data are also received from authorities, organizations, companies offering updating services, public directories and other public sources of information.


8. Regular destinations of disclosed data and the transfer of data to countries outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area

Marimekko may disclose personal data within the limitations imposed by effective legislation as follows: On the basis of a data subject’s consent; To companies belonging to the Marimekko group and to authorized third parties to the extent they participate in the realization of the purposes of use stated in this description of data file. Marimekko obliges said parties to keep confidential all personal data disclosed to them and to secure such personal data in an adequate manner; and On the basis of a claim based on mandatory legislation.

Disclosures and transfers outside of the EU / EEA countries: Marimekko may transfer personal data outside of the EU / EEA countries for the realization of the purposes stated in this description of file; and Marimekko shall disclose or transfer personal data outside of the EU / EEA countries only to such companies, with respect to which Marimekko has ensured an adequate level of data protection by means of agreements or otherwise as required by applicable law. For technical reasons and practical reasons relating to usage, data may be stored on servers of third-party service providers used by Marimekko, or such third-party service providers may process data on behalf of Marimekko.

The data transfers are carried out in compliance with the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999, as amended) and the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Data Protection (95/46/EC).


9. Rights of the data subjects

Data subjects are, within the limitations imposed by applicable law, entitled to a) check what data Marimekko has collected of him/her; b) require that any incorrect, useless, incomplete or out-dated information be corrected or removed; c) prohibit Marimekko from processing his/her personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, market research and opinion polls.

Data subjects may use their above rights by contacting Marimekko at the addresses stated in the beginning of this description of file. 


10. The principles in accordance to which the data file has been secured

Tangible material (paper registration forms) is disposed after the data has been saved into the register. Before the disposal, the material will be saved in a locked space. Use of the register within the Data Controller’s organisation has been instructed, and access to the personal data file is restricted so that access to the information stored in the system and contained in the register and the right to use that information is only vested in those employees of the Data Controller who have such right on the basis of their work assignments. The data processing system is protected by data protection software for the operating system. Access to the system requires that each user of the register enters a user ID and password.