Marimekko FW24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week​

We unveiled our spring/summer ’24 collection at Designmuseum Danmark on 9 August 2023. 

Our fall/winter ’24 collection was unveiled at the National Gallery of Denmark on February 1. True to Marimekko’s joyous essence, the collection was presented by mainly street cast models who paced to the beats of Copenhagen-based DJ Kaddi Sawaneh. Marking the grand finale of the 60th anniversary year of the print icon Unikko, FW24 explores the relationship between Unikko, an abstraction of a flower, with monolithic architecture and materials that are often associated with a more utilitarian mood.

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Marimekko’s FW24 highlights the idea of dressing up and dressing down. Delicate floral prints meet with utilitarian nuances that are presented in both timeless dress silhouettes and hardworking everyday staples. The star of the season is our first-ever denim collection, Marimekko Maridenim.

@frecklesnur (left) @prosenkilde (right)

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Each piece in the FW24 collection has been designed to blend effortlessly together from day to night and from everyday elegance to feeling festive, demonstrating how bold prints and colors can be styled to fit a range of personalities, emotions, and occasions.

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Photographer: Jere Viinikainen @jereviinikainen