Jenny Walton on her love for vintage
The Milan-based illustrator, collector, and vintage enthusiast returns to New York and talks all things Marimekko, vintage fashion, and other sources of inspiration.
Jenny Walton
Jenny Walton

We had a chat with Jenny prior to the Marimekko Vintage event in SoHo to talk all things Marimekko, vintage, and sources of inspiration.

How did your love for vintage start?

JW: My love for vintage really started when I was a child. My mother would take me and my two sisters to flea markets, antique stores, and yard sales practically every week when I was growing up. So, I really fell in love with finding unique things unexpectedly.

What is your favorite vintage Marimekko piece from the collection you curated?

JW: There is a little striped mint green and white jacket with a sort of utility belt, and I just love the look and feel of it. It’s vintage, yet it feels so timeless.

What are 3 places you always visit when you return to NYC?

JW: Well, I always go to the MET and MoMA. I love going to Bergdorf’s as well. This time, I’m excited to see Beverly’s store and Bode’s new store, too.

We love how effortlessly you mix old and new garments in your wardrobe. What things are best bought vintage?

JW: Almost anything is great vintage as it comes with a pre-worn life built into it (one of the few things money can’t buy). I learned over time to be wary of buying vintage shoes from the 70s or later, as they typically don’t hold up well to wearing often, depending on the shoe, of course. But since there is usually glue involved in some way, I find they can fall apart over time. I think coats, knitwear, and skirts are all great bought vintage. The materials were often better and made to last longer as well.

What has been one surprising source of inspiration for you lately?

JW: I recently took a trip to Romania over New Year’s with my boyfriend, as he is half Romanian. He showed me parts of the culture, took me to old castles, and I really ended up falling in love with the traditional clothing. I also discovered Queen Marie, who was a fascinating figure with great style.

Join us this Saturday, from 6 pm to 8 pm, to celebrate the pop up opening, see and shop the curation and meet Jenny. All vintage lovers are warmly welcomed!

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