Abundant flowers & graphic checks

Marimekko’s pre-fall 2020 collection was inspired by camping. An abundance of flowers is combined with graphic check prints. The collection encourages us to enjoy the nature close by – walks by the seaside, road trips, and tranquil woods await.

Marimekko pre-fall collectionMarimekko pre-fall collection

Transitioning with style

As the summer begins to wane, it’s time to get ready for stylish layering. Our timeless coats in the season’s beautiful colorways will keep you warm year after year.

Marimekko coatsMarimekko coats
Marimekko coatsMarimekko coats

Into the woods

Bring a fresh twist to your wardrobe with forest green and vivid pink.

Marimekko dressesMarimekko dresses

The new Ruutukukka (checked flower) print by Satu Maaranen combines stylized flowers and checks in one design.

Day trips and dashes of orange

Discover the season’s new styles, spiced up with blazing orange.

Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing

Our statement dresses carry the 1970s Välly (lap robe) pattern by Maija Isola, and the Haamuruutu (phantom square) pattern by Pentti Rinta. A must-have for every glamper, our practical anorak features an emblem of Marimekko, Maija Isola’s Unikko (poppy).

Pastel allure and placement prints

Marimekko Unikko coatMarimekko Unikko coat

Add attitude to your summer style with the season’s statement pieces that carry Marimekko’s symbol of creativity – Unikko (poppy).

A spin on a merry-go-round

Embrace the simple joys of summer – characterized by a free and playful approach to pattern composition, Katsuji Wakisaka’s joyous Karuselli (merry-go-round) print is here in new, delightful colorways.

Marimekko Karuselli dressesMarimekko Karuselli dresses
Marimekko Karuselli dressMarimekko Karuselli dress

Blue blossoms, signature stripes

Refresh your wardrobe with this season’s crispest color palette.

Marimekko Unikko coatMarimekko Unikko coat

The vibrant blooms of Maija Isola’s Unikko (poppy) print make a perfect match with Annika Rimala’s signature stripes and check patterns.

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