Cool linen and supple cotton make the best skirts. Find your favorite print, be it a striped or floral skirt, and wear on repeat with a cute top for the perfect everyday outfit.    


Skirts hold a special place in the realm of Marimekko. They can be fun, timeless, bold, and everything in between. At Marimekko, we've curated a collection of bold, colorful, and contemporary skirts that truly celebrate this fashion staple's versatility.

Our collection boasts an array of captivating patterns for discerning fashion enthusiasts. From the timeless beauty of floral and botanical prints to the modern sophistication of geometric and ornamental designs, there is a skirt to match every mood, occasion, and style. Choose from oversized, relaxed, or loose-fitting silhouettes that not only look good but also feel incredibly comfortable. Embrace the sleek and powerful aesthetic of this wardrobe hero by combining a statement skirt with other essential pieces. Pair it with timeless tailored garments, crisp shirts, and minimalistic accessories to complete your look.

Since 1951, Marimekko has been inspiring individuals through self-expression, creating pieces that go beyond mere clothes—they are manifestations of unique personalities and values. Our skirts embody this ethos, designed to inspire confidence, self-expression, and joy. Designed with love and intention, our skirts let you wear your personality on your sleeve—or rather, on your hem.