Fall/Winter 2021 

Introducing timely timelessness

New adidas x Marimekko
The second chapter of adidas x Marimekko is coming soon. Join our community to stay in the know – and to get your special adidas x Marimekko mobile wallpaper.
adidas x Marimekko
Marimekko and Bukowskis
In a special collaboration with highly regarded auction house Bukowskis, we celebrate seven decades of creativity by revisiting some of the artists who helped shape our design language over the years. 
Marimekko and Bukowskis
Marimekko Co-created

Iconic design reinterpreted

Marimekko Spring/Summer 2022 presentation at Copenhagen Fashion Week
This is Marimekko Pre-loved
In celebration of 70 years of empowering silhouettes in iconic prints and colors, Marimekko now makes available a carefully curated collection of vintage pieces from the 1960s to the 2000s.
 adidas x Marimekko
Built for movement by adidas, designed for joy by Marimekko.
Marimekko Kioski The Coexist edition

Positive impacts on people and planet
If the last seventy years has taught us anything, it’s that positive change doesn’t happen by chance but by inspiring others and leading by example.