Marimekko and Bukowskis – What do you need to know when buying vintage fashion and art? 

This year, Marimekko turns 70. In a special collaboration with highly regarded auction house Bukowskis, we celebrate seven decades of creativity by revisiting some of the artists who helped shape our design language over the years. 

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“Marimekko is one of the most creative and appreciated design houses in the Nordic countries, world-renowned for its unique patterns and progressive collaborations with contemporary designers and artists. Bukowskis is therefore very excited to present this dynamic online auction that includes unique and rare collectibles.”, says Sara Bourke, PR & Brand director of Bukowskis. “Marimekko design is one of the most sought after on the secondary market, with a vivid history, it has attracted collectors from all over the world during the last 70 years.”   

We asked Bukowskis to guide us through the steps of investing in vintage fashion and unique art pieces. For the uninitiated, a list of auction items can seem like an endless repertory, and therefore there are plenty of important questions that need to be asked to ensure the right decision is made. Here are a few things you should consider before starting the treasure hunt.  

Will a unique item or piece of art with a story behind it hold its value better?

Provenance is one of the most important factors when buying an object at an auction. If someone iconic has worn a dress, or if the design item launched only in a limited edition, it affects the final price and the value for future sales. Always make sure to read the product description carefully to learn more and enjoy the unique stories behind the object – hopefully, it awakens an interest to dig even deeper and to appreciate the item even more for years to come.   

One of the brightest gems of the auction is one-of-a-kind “witch” apron skirt by Marimekko founder Armi Ratia herself. Ratia designed the skirt for her young daughter, Eriika Gummerus, for a role in a private family theatre play in the mid-1950s. The skirt was made at the Marimekko printing factory in Helsinki from various leftover fabrics and given a deliberate worn-in look. 

What would be your best advice for a first-time buyer?

We would suggest everyone to download Bukowskis app, which is both fun and easy to use while browsing the upcoming Marimekko theme auction. Make sure to register as a customer so you don´t miss your object of choice. 

A collaboration between Marimekko and auction house Bukowskis, ‘The Artists Who Shaped Us’ online auction contains artworks, furniture, and textiles from some of the most prominent artists and creatives from Finland and Sweden who have worked with Marimekko throughout our 70-year history. The carefully hand-picked selection of items also includes iconic vintage Marimekko dresses from different decades. The online auction takes place 10–19 September 2021 at

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