Reopened: Marimekko Norrmalmstorg reignites a creative dialogue in Stockholm    

On the corner of Norrmalmstorg, number 4, in the bustling shopping district of Östermalm, Marimekko has reopened the doors to its Stockholm flagship store. From the outside, it looks rather unchanged, with its 19th-century stone structure framing windows of warm light and bursts of color. But inside, the space has had a floor-to-ceiling redesign. It’s a reflection of Marimekko’s unwavering creative philosophy in an age of hyper-online yet diminishing social connection. Visiting Norrmalmstorg, with its bold patterns and design that celebrate self-expression, invites you to engage with your surroundings, fostering a sense of belonging through a shared appreciation of creativity. You at once feel optimism and a familiar presence in the uplifting clothing, bags, accessories, and home decor. But there’s also something new. Something unexpected, and exciting.  

Marimekko began offering its beloved bold prints to the people of Stockholm in 1998. The sunny lifestyle has become a comforting dose of joy to the fellow Nordic city. After revisiting the 25-year-strong story, it was time for a new chapter at Norrmalmstorg.  

The store reflects Marimekko’s design DNA in a composition of juxtaposing elements. It’s modular and long-lasting; experimental and established; and modern yet grounded by rich design heritage. Robust materials like Nordic timber, metal, and cement create a classic backdrop for the art of printmaking. There are corrugated aluminum walls, a bespoke sculptural spiral staircase, industrial color accents, and factory-like lighting illuminating more details that evoke Marimekko’s printing mill in Helsinki.  

“The spatial concept is quintessentially a reflection of Marimekko’s design thinking, inviting participation and engagement through experience and bold yet functional design elements,” says Rebekka Bay, Creative Director at Marimekko.  

Alongside traditional retail fixtures, the store features a collection of Finnish design furniture showcasing Marimekko’s designs. A Kvadrat Really furniture board acts as a tabletop for clothing or homeware, its innovative material made of reclaimed Marimekko logo tote bags. In fact, all the materials built for the store are either recyclable or reusable and have been locally sourced, upcycled, or reclaimed where possible.  

The studio-like space will become an experimental home to experiences designed to inspire. A sort of creative hub for locals, visitors, and contemporary culture. Across Marimekko shops worldwide, in-store activities such as vintage pop-ups, workshops, take-back services, and collaborations, like the Marimekko Summer Terrace with local Helsinki restaurant The Glass, have presented unique opportunities for the community to connect with the Finnish design house. In Stockholm, thanks to the shapeshifting design, the aim is to continue this dialogue with the turn of seasonal themes.  

So, why should you visit Norrmalmstorg 4?

Come if you want to discover something new. In person. In the moment. This is a place you visit to feel creative, confident, positive, connected, or any of the other emotions our joyful way of life has inspired over the years. You can see, touch, and try pieces, absorb visual exhibits, mingle at events, meet up with friends, or take a moment for yourself. Seek solace in the familiar. But embrace the unexpected.  

Norrmalmstorg 4, Stockholm, Sweden
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