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 9 favorite spots in Helsinki by Laila Lindqvist, @Laluuna
9 favorite spots in Helsinki by Laila Lindqvist, Laluuna

Getting nostalgic, savoring life’s little pleasures and enjoying good food with friends – one of our dearest Finnish style inspirations shares her top tips for making the most of Helsinki.

Laila Lindqvist is a mother of two boys who has switched from the finance sector to fashion. Inspired by Scandinavian style, she shares beautiful, serendipitous moments of everyday life on Instagram wearing minimalistic and charmingly practical pieces of clothing.

Laila has lived most of her life in Helsinki. She loves spending time in places that offer surprising contrasts, invigorating nature experiences, modern art, and local delicacies.

Now, Laila unveils nine pearls of Helsinki that hold a special place in her heart.

1. Blossoming beauty: Roihuvuori Cherry Park

Once every year, all the trees in the Roihuvuori Cherry Park blossom in pink, Laila’s favorite color. A visit to Roihuvuori is always a nostalgic trip for Laila, who spent her childhood in this East Helsinki suburb.

– Spring is my favorite time of the year, and the cherry trees are the symbol of this special season. Eventually, I have come to see the cherry park as an embodiment of who I am.

Roihuvuori Cherry Park, Jättiläisentie 1

Laila Lindqvist, Roihuvuori Cherry Park
Laila Lindqvist, Roihuvuori Cherry Park

2. Timeless treasures: Artek 2nd Cycle

Located in the heart of the Punavuori district, this showroom buys and sells second-hand Finnish design classics such as furniture, lighting, and rugs. A dedicated friend of interior design and a true Artek fan, Laila finds endless inspiration in visiting Artek 2nd Cycle.

Artek 2nd Cycle, Pieni Roobertinkatu 4

Laila Lindqvist, Artek 2nd cycle
Laila Lindqvist, Artek 2nd cycle

3. Bikes & art: Didrichsen Art Museum

Situated by the sea on Kuusisaari island, the Didrichsen Art Museum is the go-to destination for Laila whenever she wants to enjoy art, nature, and family time. By bike, the trip from Laila’s home to Didrichsen only takes about 15 minutes, and the scenery along the way makes the short journey special.

– I really like cycling to the museum together with my kids.

Didrichsen Art Museum, Kuusilahdenkuja 1

4. Delicacies with dear friends: Way Bakery

Laila likes to meet her friends in the laid-back Way Bakery, a place that combines the best characteristics of a wine bar, an organic bakery, and a cafe. According to Laila, one thing particularly worth mentioning at Way Bakery is the sourdough bread. Then again, their entire assortment is delicious.

Way Bakery, Agricolankatu 9

Laila Lindqvist, Way bakery
Laila Lindqvist, Way bakery

5. Yoga with a twist: Kunsthalle Helsinki

Touted as the most beautiful artspace in the center of Helsinki, this place gives you a chance to immerse in contemporary art and design. However, it is also up for other types of recreational activities – Laila heads to Kunsthalle Helsinki for her yoga class.

– The pure idea of practising yoga surrounded by art feels wonderful to me.

Kunsthalle Helsinki, Nervanderinkatu 3

Laila Lindqvist, Kunsthalle Helsinki
Laila Lindqvist, Kunsthalle Helsinki

6. An inspiring atmosphere: Studio Aalto

Located in the Munkkiniemi neighborhood, the original office of Alvar Aalto, Studio Aalto, is a place where Laila goes to soak up the creative atmosphere of an era gone by. Sitting at the very same desks, the Finnish architect and designer sketched his innovative works of art in the 1950s.

Studio Aalto, Tiilimäki 20

Laila Lindqvist, Studio Aalto
Laila Lindqvist, Studio Aalto

7. Easy island-hopping: Lonna Island

A short water bus ride from the Market Square, Lonna is a sweet little island where Laila and her family visit the museum, enjoy the food – or just linger. On Lonna, island you can also visit a sauna that offers you a chance to admire Finnish coastal beauty at its best.

– For my family, Lonna is all about taking it easy.

Lonna island, water bus from the Lyypekinlaituri pier at the Market Square

Laila Lindqvist, Lonna Island
Laila Lindqvist, Lonna Island

8. A long Friday lunch: Restaurant Plein

Having the starters, the main course, and the dessert, and not forgetting a glass of wine. That’s the formula for one of Laila’s Friday lunches enjoyed together with friends at Plein in the Vallila district. This tradition was created for weekly catching up and starting the weekend properly.

– Friday lunch – the loveliest tradition there is!

Restaurant Plein, Suvannontie 18

Laila Lindqvist, Restaurant Plein
Laila Lindqvist, Restaurant Plein

9. Flowers + wine: BUD Helsinki

BUD Helsinki is a place that brings together many of Laila’s interests: flowers, distinctive natural wines, and art. This place also arranges flower styling workshops – which can, according to Laila, last on the participants’ enthusiasm until sometimes very late.

BUD Helsinki, Uudenmaankatu 11

Laila Lindqvist, BUD Helsinki
Laila Lindqvist, BUD Helsinki

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