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What is the width of Marimekko fabrics?

The fabrics are 145 to 150 cm wide.

What are fabrics sold by the repeat?

Some of our fabrics are sold by the repeat rather than by the meter. This means that the unit of measurement is the length of one entire repeated pattern. Read more at Buying Marimekko fabrics. Please check the particular fabric's product page to see whether it is sold by the meter or by the repeat.

Can Marimekko fabrics be used to make respiratory protective equipment?

For safety reasons, we do not recommend using our fabrics as respiratory protective equipment or other face mask products. Marimekko fabrics available for purchase are meant for interior design and they have not been manufactured or tested to be used as respiratory protective equipment or similar facial protection products.

Can I make products of Marimekko fabrics or prints and sell them?

Marimekko patterns are very well-known in Finland and around the world, and they are protected by intellectual property rights. The protection also covers the related reputation and popularity. That is why we do not allow the commercial utilization of our fabrics, prints or the Marimekko logo, which means manufacturing products for commercial purposes. Commercial purposes refer to business operations aimed at gaining financial benefit. You can, of course, make handicrafts and products for yourself or as gifts.