A source for creativity: the new Marimekko Copenhagen flagship store 

When a fashion store doubles as a studio for the design team, creativity can’t help but permeate every inch of the space. This is the case at the new Marimekko Copenhagen flagship at Pilestræde 29.   

Reflecting Marimekko’s creative lifestyle philosophy, everything about the store is designed to be timeless and joyful, from the assortment of colorful dresses, bold bags, and accessories on the ground floor to the studio upstairs that can easily be transformed into an event space. Metaphorically, the store is an extension of a Marimekko dress. At its foundation, a blank canvas for the art of printmaking, but once detailed and lived in, it becomes a shape-shifter, adapting to any experience due to its timeless and relaxed nature, and its ability to harmonize with any given scenario. In the same vein as our concept store in New York and recently redesigned Stockholm flagship store, Pilestræde will act as a center for creativity for Marimekko’s community, playing host to a succession of inspiring visual experiences and events.   

You’ll find our Copenhagen flagship store at Pilestræde 29. For those hearing the name for the first time, Pilestræde is a vibrant side street to Copenhagen’s main shopping street, Strøget, and a prime destination for novel design pieces and modern riffs on Nordic food. The store opened to the public on 6th October 2023, and while Marimekko has a long and fruitful history with Denmark, this flagship opens a new, more intimate door. “When you enter the store, it feels like you are coming to our [Marimekko] home,” says Rebekka Bay, Creative Director of Marimekko.     

So, what does a Marimekko home look like? Think calm modularity in a setting alive with the excitement of fashion, design, art, architecture, and culture in dialogue. A space that brings creative people together. Inspired by the versatile simplicity of Nordic functionalism, almost everything in the space can be moved and modified according to the occasion. Each element was chosen to reflect the culturally rich heritage of Marimekko and pay tribute to its world-renowned art of printmaking.   

“We started thinking of how we can create a space that can be constantly reconfigured and make you feel included, like when you enter the space, there are no barriers or obstacles,” says Rebekka.  

You’ll notice that printed fabrics are used for creative spatial solutions, while the latest assortment of knits, accessories, and bags in iconic patterns radiate light and warmth in and on Finnish design furniture and trolleys, which are reminiscent of those in Marimekko's printing factory in Helsinki. Nordic timber wall grids and ceiling bars, a reflection of our love of nature, openness, and clean lines, are the only fixed elements in the store. All the materials in the space are either recyclable or reusable, and have been locally sourced, upcycled, or reclaimed where possible. For instance, we worked with the Danish textile company Kvadrat to repurpose flawed Marimekko canvas bags into furniture boards that became tabletops. These thoughtful details create a naturally timeless appeal but also act as the ideal backdrop for a trove of bold prints and colors.   

As you absorb the palpable optimism in bright dresses, tops, pants, skirts, bags, and accessories on the ground floor, part of the Marimekko design team is creating the next collection in a studio upstairs. The modular studio can be transformed into a showroom or an inspiring event space for any occasion. 

To give you an idea of such occasions, past events in other flagship stores have included a pop-up restaurant with Marimekko-inspired dishes, creative workshops, take-back services, and a vintage pop-up store. Each experience presents a unique opportunity to connect with different facets of the Marimekko world, get inspired, and bond with other creative minds in the space. So the next time you’re wondering where to go shopping in Copenhagen, or you need a boost of inspiration, drop into our new flagship store at Pilestræde 29. We would love to see you.

Pilestraede 29, Copenhagen, Denmark 
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