Forces of nature at home – five ideas for decorating with plants
House plants and organic patterns make interiors come to life and turn urban homes into oases.

1. Wellbeing abundance

House plants introduce a piece of nature into the home. Plants are beautiful to look at but, as living things, they are more than that. When we surround ourselves with living plants, we increase our well-being – this has been confirmed by research. House plants clean the indoor air and, at best, you can create long-term relationships that may even span generations. When it comes to house plants, there’s plenty to choose from. If you have an eye for trends, you can fill your living room with an impressive tree or a cactus reaching all the way to the ceiling. And if you love abundance, you can build diverse groups of smaller plants or set up a small orangerie in a bay window, with palms and citrus trees planted in beautiful pots.

2. Floating garden

Hanging baskets and Japanese kokedama, plants in moss balls, create their own kind of atmosphere in a room. Where the kokedama embody a minimalistic aesthetic, house plants in hanging baskets, cascading down freely from the heights, add a wild jungle vibe to the room. Plants floating in the air are a great way to add rhythm and divide spaces into smaller segments. When hung in the window, they both demand attention and double as a screen.

3. Green wall

You can let vines climb freely along a wall or steer them around a window as a flourishing frame. With several climbing plants in adjacent pots, you can create a rainforest-like lush green wall in your home – mix and match different plants to ensure a varying, interesting look. In fact, the climbing plant golden pothos is one of the most effective house plants at cleaning indoor air. If you want to accentuate the high ceilings in your home, use climbing plants. Regardless of where you decide to place them, it’s fun to see how they grow and creep upwards.

4. Urban meadow 

House plants at home bring joy throughout the year whereas cut flowers that you can change from one season to another add a much-desired variation to your interior. When waiting for the wildflowers that meadows and roadsides have to offer, you can build a bouquet that suits your personality from the offering of your local flower shop. Even a single branch is enough to bring nature into your house. On the other hand, you can also use chicken wire and a flower frog or vase to build a baroque-like, abundant flower arrangement – and the most natural bouquets are compiled by mixing and matching different flowers in a vase.

5. Plants in patterns

When more is more, don’t forget to dress up your home in floral patterns. Patterns inspired by nature in wallpapers, tableware and home textiles bring nature indoors also for those who are lacking a green thumb. The most passionate botanists pair living house plants and cut flowers with organic floral and leaf patterns!