Timeless design brings joy for generations to come

We aim to continue creating new classics – high-quality products that stand the test of time. Our objective is that, during their lifetime, Marimekko items bring joy to many different consumers, even generations,  after which they are finally recycled into new products.

Designing beyond trends
The Marimekko design philosophy is independent from changing trends. It’s rooted in an optimistic lifestyle and a genuine desire to inspire through timeless and functional design.  Multipurpose clothes, that can be creatively combined from one collection to another, help to prolong the products lifetime. Our structural system for dresses, skirts and tops presents three different archetype silhouettes, A-line, straight, and fit & flare, that you can obtain in three different volumes.

“Marimekko is not about trendy fashion. We make timeless and lasting products, which, by chance, are often very fashionable.”

— Armi Ratia, Founder of Marimekko

Making things that last
Making things that last
To earn its place in the world, we believe that any Marimekko product should be created to bring years of joy and value to its owner(s).  Before the launch of a new Marimekko product, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets our demanding quality standards. Some of the things we test include fabric shrinkages, colorfastness, and abrasion resistance. Additionally, we aim to keep the share of quality claims of sold products below 0.5% – that’s less than 1 in 200.
0,5 % The share of products subject to claims in 2022
Take care
When properly cared for, your Marimekko products will last for years. And not only is good care an excellent way to increase the lifespan of an item; it also keeps colors vibrant and generally makes for more joyful ownership. Check out our comprehensive care guide and discover how easy it is.

Give new life to your products

It is timeless. Explore the many ways a Marimekko product can bring joy to others, when you are ready to pass it on.

What you can do to a pre-loved product

Marimekko products are popular on the 2nd hand market. Sell your item and make a little money at the time. 


Help your favorite charity by donating items you no longer use. And imagine the joy they will bring to the new happy owners.

Pass it on

Treasured objects tell stories and evoke shared memories. Ask your friends or family members if your item could be their new treasure.

A swap party with friends is a popular and cost-free way to bring new things home while bringing joy to others.


Perhaps that old tablecloth can be turned into pillowcases? The possibilities are endless.


When your Marimekko product is beyond repair, please deposit it where the materials can be properly recycled.

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