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The Coexistence with Nature Collection

Marimekko Pre-Fall home collection
Marimekko Pre-Fall home collection

The way we see the world can change the world! The ever-curious Marimekko designers have always been open to the world around them, drawing inspiration from nature’s diversity.

Alongside new, lower-impact materials and practices, the catalyst for our new home collection comes from harmonious and respectful coexistence with the entire ecosystem surrounding us. Natural textures, animal inspiration and artisanal accents are the major components of Marimekko’s home for the new season.

Marimekko Pre-fall cushion covers
Marimekko Pre-fall bedding

Meet your new house pets

Maija Isola's whimsical 1970 Kaksoset (twins) design is now seen on the Oiva (superb) tableware and in an array of home textiles, such as unbleached fabric, cushion covers and bed linens, as well as in a jacquard throw made of 70% recycled cotton.

Gorgeously gigantic
This season, our Unikko (poppy) bed linens are printed on an unbleached mix of hemp and cotton. Yet another favorite interpretation of Unikko, the gorgeously gigantic Suur-Unikko (giant poppy) brings joy as a fabric and in the newest edition of our anniversary mug set – make sure to get your own keepsake!
Marimekko Pre-Fall fabric
Marimekko anniversary mug set
Marimekko Pre-Fall towels

Cool & aquatic