Positive impacts on
people and planet

If the last seventy years has taught us anything, it’s that positive change doesn’t happen by chance but by inspiring others and leading by example. 

Marimekko's operations have always been based on longevity, timeless design and empowerment. Our 3-part strategy, has raised our sustainability goals and commitments to new, more ambitious level. 

10 proudest moments in our 2022 sustainability work
Since 2020, Marimekko has been implementing its new, more ambitious sustainability strategy. Enjoy the 2022 highlights.
Timeless design brings joy for generations to come
We are committed to making desirable products and garments that are never just thrown away.
The products of tomorrow leave no trace
We have a bold ambition of leaving no burden for coming generations.
Positive change through fairness and equality
It’s deeply rooted in our company DNA to promote fairness and equality in the world around us.