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Beautiful bathroom life

Light the candles, run a warm bath, and sprinkle some aromatic bath salt into the water. ​Take some time for yourself and turn your home bathroom into an atmospheric spa.

It’s no coincidence that Japanese onsen spas were originally often founded by Buddhist monks. A hot bath quickly calms down your breathing and slows down your heart rate. Your mind will be calm and meditative without any effort. Dark winter evenings provide the perfect backdrop for finding tranquility and slowing down. What about transforming your bathroom into your own mindfulness space?

Practicing mindfulness is based on Buddhist practices, and it is the perfect way to boost coping with stress and the ability to relax. Beautiful bathroom textiles and a luxurious, kimono-style bathrobe turn your daily bathing into relaxing moments of pleasure. Go for natural materials such as cotton and linen. As a final touch to your home spa, add vases with fragrant herbs, such as eucalyptus. Light the candles and take a deep breath. Everything is all right.


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