Our new edit of printed fabrics brings you both iconic patterns and new designs in the season’s lively colorways. Pick your favorites! 


New in
  • New in
    marimekko Seireeni linen fabric d.blue, linen
    linen fabric
    67,00 € / meter
  • New in
    marimekko Pieni Unikko cotton fabric cotton, d.blue
    cotton fabric
    49,00 € / meter
  • linen fabric
    65,66 € / repeat (98 cm)
  • New in
    marimekko Pieni Unikko acrylic-coated cotton fabric cotton, d.blue
    acrylic-coated cotton fabric
    55,00 € / meter
Printed in Helsinki and loved the world over. Spark your imagination with our vast selection of iconic Marimekko prints in cotton, sateen, linen and coated fabrics. Explore the latest arrivals!