Marimekko's metaverse space is a virtual flower field—and you’re invited 
Marimekko's piece of metaverse is a virtual flower field

Marimekko takes its first steps in the enchanting virtual universe. 

Imagine wandering through a thick flower meadow where Marimekko’s Unikko (poppy) flowers sway around from a sweet, gentle breeze. You follow your nose as it takes you down a path made of the Kivet (stones) pattern. The adventure takes off. Luckily, you don’t have to imagine, because this dream-like scene will be Marimekko’s very own virtual space in November 2022 as we join the first wave of metaverse— an interactive digital environment where you can play, socialize, explore, and shop.

Marimekko’s metaverse space comes to life in collaboration with Decentraland, the 3D virtual platform. On the 17th-18th of November, our immersive flower field alongside a video installation will be unveiled at Slush, the world’s leading startup event held at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center.

Why tap into the metaverse? 

In recent years, the metaverse has emerged as the new frontier for the culture of fashion. It’s part of the internet’s latest evolution and blends the physical environment with virtual reality, where you can move freely between 3D worlds and communities as an avatar. In the metaverse, the opportunities for social interaction are endless. Shared virtual spaces focus on creativity, community, and engagement, and you could find yourself gaming, shopping, or attending business meetings, regardless of your physical location.

Decentraland hosted the first digital fashion week earlier this year, Metaverse Fashion Week. Established and emerging fashion brands exhibited digital garments on avatars walking on virtual catwalks, actual (virtual) cats walked the runway, human models flew out of blooming lotuses, and one after-party featured a dance-off where attendees programmed their avatars to perform customized routines. In the metaverse, anything is possible.

“We view the virtual world as a continuum of our physical reality and we feel that, in the future, a sustainable way of doing business will be supported by utilizing the possibilities presented by the virtual world and emerging, disruptive technologies,” says Suvi-Elina Enqvist, Head of Marimekko's Innovation Works unit. A digital approach that leverages virtual showrooms, shopfronts, and versions of garments for social media could end up being a pragmatic solution to some of the industry's sustainability issues.

In Marimekko’s virtual flower meadow, you can log into the platform with your 3D avatar and immerse yourself in the interactive experience, along with people from all over the world. “We can't wait to introduce Marimekko's metaverse space to the public,” adds Enqvist.

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