Adidas x Marimekko

The art of print and performance

adidas x Marimekko

Marimekko and adidas are happy to announce a debut collection marking the first-ever sports apparel collaboration from Marimekko.

The limited-edition collection features a lineup of pieces that seamlessly blend Marimekko’s art of printmaking and functional style with adidas’ expertise in sports performance. Discover a collection built for your movement by adidas, designed for joy by Marimekko.

Print meets purpose in a collection made for exploring

Our bold, vibrant patterns are interwoven with signature adidas performance fabrics for a lifestyle collection designed to spark positivity and playfulness in the everyday. For never standing still and always staying curious. For the explorers.

The debut line features two iconic Marimekko patterns: Annika Rimala’s Laine (wave) and Maija Louekari’s Räsymatto (rag rug). Crafted with sustainable innovation at the heart, a priority for both adidas and Marimekko, the collection introduces new materials, including recycled yarns, and methods to help reduce environmental impact.

adidas x Marimekko
adidas x Marimekko
adidas x Marimekko
adidas x Marimekko

The adidas x Marimekko collection is now available on, at selected adidas stores and retailers around the world as well as on and in chosen Marimekko stores.

Launch dates:

Mainland China, Taiwan: 1 June

Japan: 10 June

Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand: 15 June

North America: 22 June

Australia, Europe: 1 July

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The Marimekko philosophy: Designing past the now
The Marimekko design philosophy is rooted in an optimistic lifestyle – and a genuine desire to inspire through timeless and functional design.
Timeless design brings joy for generations to come
We are committed to making desirable products and garments that are never just thrown away.

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