Summer 2023
West Elm + Marimekko
Marimekko x West Elm
Marimekko x West Elm

Sunny skies, joyful designs! We’re excited to announce a second limited-edition collaboration collection with global design company West Elm. The summer 2023 collection continues to pair Marimekko’s art of printmaking with West Elm’s modern aesthetic. 

The summer assortment features three archival Marimekko patterns: Primavera (1972) and Kaivo (1964) by Maija Isola, and Papajo (1968) by Annika Rimala. Offering a vibrant take on outdoor furniture and textiles, the assortment is bursting with colors of rich marigold, poppy red, and cobalt blue. Get set to embrace the joys of summer! ​

The new collaboration was captured in the lush hills of the Santa Ynez Valley, California by Sam Youkilis. ​

The limited-edition collection is now exclusively available at The collection is not sold in Marimekko’s channels.​

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Marimekko x West Elm christmas decor
Marimekko x West Elm christmas decor
Marimekko x West Elm Christmas decor
Marimekko x West Elm Christmas decor
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