Inject life into your wardrobe with Marimekko's contemporary and colorful shirts, featuring an array of striking patterns and cuts to fit every style.



Shirts may be a staple in every wardrobe, but at Marimekko, we believe they can be so much more. Our collection of contemporary and colorful shirts is an invitation to push the boundaries of your personal style. From the classic charm of stripes and the dynamic energy of geometrical patterns to the whimsy of floral designs and the understated elegance of botanical and ornamental prints - each shirt is a canvas for your self-expression.​ ​ Whether you're drawn to the vivid audacity of bold prints or the enduring appeal of timeless styles, our collection offers a multitude of choices for your unique fashion sense. Are you a fan of contemporary fashion, or do you prefer a more classic aesthetic? Either way, our diverse range has something for you.​ ​ Our selection of silhouettes - from the laid-back comfort of oversized and relaxed shirts, to the sleek sophistication of regular and loose-fit options - ensures that your comfort is as prioritized as your style.​ ​ Since 1951, Marimekko has been about more than just clothes - we're about the individuals who wear them. We aim to create pieces that empower you, reflect your progressive values, and offer functional, durable wear. Our shirts are no different. We believe every choice of pattern, color, and silhouette is a reflection of who you are - so why not make it a vibrant one? After all, with Marimekko, you're not just wearing a shirt - you're wearing a statement.