Most Marimekko bed linens are made from soft cotton but, from time to time, we also have bedding made of linen and sateen. All these materials will remain beautiful for a long time when properly cared for. Make sure to check the care label for exact instructions. 


Please wash your bed linens at the given washing temperature to keep colors bright and avoid color bleeding. We recommend using detergents made for colored laundry and without whiteners or brighteners.

Before using your bed linens for the first time, we recommend washing them with plenty of water to wash away any extra dye that may come off. 

Marimekko Lokki print covers

No soaking 

Please do not soak bed linens. Remove your laundry promptly from the washing machine after the washing cycle has completed. 

A cotton product may shrink in the first wash. After washing, reshape the item into its original size. Cotton is best ironed when slightly damp.