Jenni Tuominen

Jenni Tuominen is an illustrator and designer based in Porvoo, Finland, who received the Finnish State Prize for illustration in 2017. She graduated as a blacksmith and as an artist/printmaker.

Jenni has also studied graphic design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. In 2006, she won Marimekko’s design competition with her Unessa (asleep) print and she has been collaborating with Marimekko ever since. Among Jenni’s most recognizable designs for Marimekko are also Jätski (ice cream), Tuubiraita (tube stripe), and Marikylä (Mari village). In celebration of Marimekko’s 70th anniversary she created, together with designer Sami Ruotsalainen, a series of collectible ceramic figures called Marikyläläiset (Mari villagers).

Prints by Jenni Tuominen

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